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6 things we should never do at work

  1. Casual Fridays – I know this could be a touchy subject but is this the weirdest day or what? At any given time one can observe the ratty t-shirt out of the hamper look along with the likes of the “going out” jeans and top that reveal way too much. I am all for dressing down but certain things are better when fully covered. I know you have the right, but save it for Saturday.
  1. Get to the point, please – PowerPoint – Yes, we need PowerPoint slides. The problem all too often lies when someone presents a slide chock full of bullets.  When is the last time that you didn’t read to the bottom before they finished reading bullet point one?  Uh, never.  Please don’t write a book report and read it to us. It gives the appearance that you put down every thought that you ever had on a slide and typed it out 10 minutes before the meeting.  Take the time to edit and learn to be able to speak to a few bullet points.
  1. Run-on emails – This could have been added to the PowerPoint statement but it warrants mentioning on its own. Short and sweet.  It is almost impossible to reply to an email that is 2 pages long with an “action item” request in the middle of paragraph 3.  A simply stated purpose in the opening line followed by a few bullets is a welcome sight.
  1. Buzzwords and phrases – I’m guilty. We all use them but maybe we should consciously try to use less. “At the end of the day”,  “value add” “paradigm shift”,  “thinking outside the box”, “core competency”, and “action items” are a few that resonate.  Can’t we just “give it 110%” and “take it to the next level”? It is what it is.
  1. Lunch is served – Never cook fish in the lunchroom. I repeat, never! Not only is this a bad culinary choice when microwaved, but the smell is abominable.  If we are lucky, the stink you create will only last a half hour in our clothing. When you have friends over on a Friday night do you cook fish before coming over?    Please treat us like friends.
  1. Nature calls – This is a tough one to end on and shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but I will. Please wash your hands after going to the restroom.  The “hall to the stall” maneuver is not only inexcusable but also unsanitary and downright gross.  Not only that, now I’m on high alert to never shake your hand, forever.

Thanks for listening.  Have a nice work day!


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